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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  June 15, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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on our broadcast night. making news in the gop race for president. tonight we debut our new poll asking viewer what is they think of the newfield. journey to vietnam. our friend jack jacobsakes an extraordinary trip back to the battlefield where he emerged the hero a oo four decades ago. have you ever thought drinking chocolate milk is better than drinking no milk at
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all? better than drinking no milk at all? there's a big debate brewing. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening, and we want to begin tonight with some news just in to us. we have learned that congresswoman gabrielle giffords is home, and what an odyssey it's been since her meeting with constituents in that supermarket parking lot in january when she was shot and it was not clear for a while if she would survive the attack that killed and wounded several others. >> reporter: the congresswoman is sky high and elated after being released this afternoon from the houston rehabilitation facility. she and her husband released a couple of days ago in advance of this good news.
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doctors there say that her cognitive ability and her physical ability has him proved so that she can take this step. she'll be going back to the hospital to do the rehab kind of work but she'll be able to go home every evening. she'll have a 24-hour nurse there as well. they say that they couldn't have imagined when she went to the hospital late january, still in critical care, to be at this point. talking to her ace around here, they're saying they're proud of her, the speaker calls it a miraculous recovery. >> with so many people pulling h for her, it's nice to hear good news. in our nbc news poll tonight, a look at where things stands as this early field starts to shake out on the republican side at least and our numbers are showing some dissatisfaction with the choices out there so far. our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd with us with
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the new numbers from washington. >> there is a clear front-runner in the republican race. but mitt romney and company have yet to fire up many republican leaders and according to our new wall street journal follow, the rank and file republicans aren't fired up either. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry. >> are you ready to take this country back? then stand with us over the course of the next 16 months. >> reporter: that's him last night in new york. only a day after tea party republicans were swooning about minnesota congresswoman michelle bachma bachmann's performance on monday night in new hampshire. >> it's a thrill to be here tonight. >> reporter: and today another tryst. rudy giuliani a flop in the 2008 race, met privately with perry in the morning and met with new jersey governor chris christie. as for christy. >> i'm 100% certain i'm not going to run. >> reporter: so who's going on
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here? front liner mitt romney and the other announced candidates are not exciting many republicans leaders including giuliani who himself is thinking about becoming a candidate again. the rank and file seem to share the doubts. nearly half the republicans are dissatisfied the current feel, according to the latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll. four years ago at this same point in the race, 70% of republicans were satisfied with their choices. when asked about ten potential candidates, 30% of republicans picked romney, with businessman her man cain the only other announced candidate. despite the unsettled nature of the republican field, president obama's campaign team has plenty to worry about with 17 months to go before election day. his job approval rating sits at a tenuous 49%. unhandling the economy, his numbers are even lower, with a majority 54% disapproving.
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and pessimism about the economy that things will get worse over the next 24 months. and the republicans seem to be giving the president more benefit of the doubt than kochk right now. 51 percent believe the u.s. military should stay involve until gadhafi leaves power. >> chuck todd, thanks as always. a familiar sight is back home in san diego, the big gray neighbor of theirs, the aircraft carrier carl vincent. the ship's last call of duty involved the burial at sea of osama bin laden after the american raid on their compound last month. it was a mission like no other, of course, but the important thing tonight is a lot of families are back together in san diego. there is yet another twist to report tonight involving bin laden's death, it's once again creating a lot of tension in the relationship, already troubled between pakistan and the u.s.
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for that, we go to our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> good evening, brian. pakistan's powerful military has now erected five cia informants including an army major who helped track down bin laden. this is despite the fact that a parade of top u.s. officials have been going to islamabad. all pleading with islamabad and reading the riot act to them really for failing to cooperate against terrorists. they also say that pakistan's terrorists are costing american lives. this is because that ieds are made in pakistan, panetta even showed the pakistanis satellite photos of these bomb facilities in pakistan, demanded that they be raided, two days later,
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somebody must have tipped them off. and the terrorists fled. >> andrea mitchell in our washington bureau tonight regarding this relationship. what's happening in greece right now is very important for americans to know about because of how we could feel it here among other things, today a simmering crisis there blew sky high as protests on the streets turned violent. the government teetered on the edge of collapse. the problem is that nation's massive national debt. and what happens in just the coming days there, could have a major impact on financial systems around the world, includes the u.s. our report from msnbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest threats to the global economy now playing out in the streets of athens. tens of thousands of protesters brought much of the city to a stand still, determined to prevent the government from raising taxes and cutting wages
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and benefits demanded by the european union and the imf. >> we heard the sound of tear gas being fired earlier. >> it was a major factor behind the u.s. stock market declined today, the dow losing 179 points, because what happens in athens matters in america. >> greece could be the first domino. it fails, then portugal, spain, belgium, the german and french banks and then the american b k banks and then we're in the soup just like in 2009. >> the risk is so great that greece could default. greek bonds are pay now paying a staggering 18% yield or interest rate. greece agreed to deep budget cuts. now it needs another $100 billion but protesters are resisting deeper cuts.
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if greece defaults on its bonds, it will cost international banks tens of billions of dollars. >> european leaders worry that other countries, ireland, portugal, spain, could potentially follow the greek lead and default on their bonds too, threatening europe's economy and ours. >> in@thens today, we talked via skype. >> there's a potential anger and frustration and a sense of loss of trust for the political system in athens. >> tonight the entire world is watching athens and holding its breath. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> in this country, our friends in el paso woke up to this site today, smoke from the arizona wildfire, combined with desert dust to create a thick haze, thick enough to prompt public health warnings to the elderly and people with respiratory
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problems warning to stay inside. it improved enough this afternoon to lift the haze, most of it and the warnings. and john edwards photo, his mug shot from the federal felony charges against him. a new view of the former senator, vp nominee, presidential candidate, his trial set to begin july 15. when we come back here tonight, a member of our nbc family who just happens to be a genuine american hero goes back to where his life changed forever, four decades ago. and later offer a kid chocolate milk instead of regular, and see what happens. that's exactly the debate that's going on in a big school system in this country and change is on the way. if you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. ♪ to help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid. uloric lowers uric acid levels in adults with gout. it's not for the treatment of high uric acid
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you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. there are 84 men alive today who are recipients of the medal of honor. around here we are the great honor of working with one of them every gay. retired colonel jack jacobs is our military analyst. we're honored to have him as a friend and family member.
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most of you know his combat story in vietnam, how he came home badly wounded. but for jack, the story never really had an end. he wanted to return to that battlefield where the action -- he recently made the journey, along with him, nbc's chris jansing. >> reporter: far away from the noise, the bustle and the youthful optimism of modern day vietnam is a place where bannan boats navigate the river, where time seems to stand still. and where so many of an american generation left behind their innocence. the mekong delta, 2011. for the first time jack jacobs returned. >> it's almost as if time has gone backwards for me. one time we went on a patrol and
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we were in water about chest deep all day long. >> reporter: on a search for the battlefields where he very nearly died 43 years ago. >> this is the deal. we landed here and moved almost due north. >> reporter: images seared indelibly in his memory, he found it. >> this is it. this is it. this is all open field back then. >> reporter: the rice paddy has since been flooded for fishing, but in the eyes of a retired colonel, it's as if he can see himself all those years a lot. a 22-year-old first lieutenant caught in an ambush, seriously wounded in a hail of devastating machine-gun and mortar fire. >> i wonder if you can hear what you heard and what you smelled that day does it come back to you? >> oh, sure, the crack of m-16 fire. and the explosion that wounded
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me, you don't even hear it, it's so close, you feel a rush of warm air and get lifted up. i was surprised initially. i thought that it was a mistake, i wasn't supposed to be wounded, it always happens to somebody else. >> you reach up and you have a hoil in your head. >> and you're convinced it's not happening. and then you realize it really is happening. >> reporter: bleeding profusely, blinding in one eye, his hearing permanently impaired. jacobs went back on the battlefield again and again and again, saving 14 lives that day. until he collapsed and was medevaced unconscious after a harrowing rescue. >> for gallantry -- >> reporter: jack jacobs was awarded the medal of honor by president richard nixon. >> danger does not make heros,
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it creates them. >> reporter: with shrapnel in his head, ammunition flying, scenes that punctuate his occasional nightmares even now and so many years later drew him back to vietnam. >> it was important to me for an unexplainable series of reasons that it had to be here. and i had an opportunity to do so and here i am. >> the great work of chris jansing and the great work of our friend jack jacobs who's here in the studio. there's a palpable power that comes off this medal, the medal of honor. jack, i get to hang out with you guys. i know the answer to this, but when people say to you, better you than me because i could. have done that. >> but everybody could do that. when times are really difficult, we fight to preserve the union and we fight to accomplish the mission, but most of all we fight for each other. and if you ask anybody who's
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ever fought anywhere for this country, he'll tell you the same thing, we're all fighting for each other. >> how much did the ultimate outcome of this war get to you, matter to you, how much does it matter to you to this day. >> it matters to me in a larger sense, i like to think that i'm a student of history and what happened before has a lot of affect on what will happen in the future. but in the end, when i think about the war, i think about my friends, friends of mine who didn't come back, friends who got badly wounded, people i served with and fought with and that's what matters most. >> almost 60,000 names on that wall. i promise to give this back, thank you for this. >> you've got to hold on it to, you've got to touch it, because as sammy davis tells you, if you don't touch it, it means less. it has less value. >> well, i'm touched. thank you. i want to let everyone know, tomorrow night we'll have part two of this extraordinary story and this extraordinary journey and the thing that happened when jack sits down with the enemy,
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the viet cong commander who attacked jack's unit that's tomorrow night on this broadcast. and tomorrow night retired colonel jack jacobs will answer questions on his facebook page. thanks, jack, we'll see you again tomorrow night. up next, was it a web gem, spider-man finally opened, no injuries, except perhaps to a few egos, the reviews are in. our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do. now, i take care with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder,
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much any time you want, the problem is the kids also want it. and a lot of parents say they would rather have them drinking milk than given the alternative. our report tonight from nbc's tom yamas in los angeles. >> when kids drink milk in the los angeles unified school district, officials say they choose the sweet stuff, chocolate and strawberry flavor 50% of the time. >> we would not procure or sell drinks that have sugar. >> reporter: part of a push to make school food healthier. >> ultimately it's the habit we create with our children, they drink chocolate every single day, that's not healthy. >> reporter: diana star feels chocolate milk should be something they drink in moderation, a concept kids fail
6:58 pm
to understand. >> reporter: following cities from berkeley to boulder and washington, d.c., which have eliminated flavors milk in at least some meals. >> a student who drinks chocolate milk for both breakfast and milk will end up consuming 15 pounds of sugar in a school year. that's equivalent to 180 cans of soda. but the dairy industry says that -- >> kids are getting 50% of their added sugar calories from soda and candy so we should look at other options that are nutrient poor rather than knew tree yebt rich. >> reporter: that's why some schools like fairfax county, virginia, reintroduced chocolate milk. students will avoid plain milk all together. >> i prefer them to drink chocolate milk over no milk. >> reporter: in this food fight, chocolate milk is on suspension.
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that's our broadcast for this wednesday night, thank you for being here was. a reminder, nbc sports coverage of the stanley cup playoffs tonight at 8:00, doc emrick with the call. we look forward to seeing you right back here tomorrow we look forward to seeing you right back here tomorrow evening, good night. -- captions by vitac --


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